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A voice to promote the interests of our industry by participating in state and federal energy efficiency proceedings.

Networking and Business Development

An opportunity to participate in and support your industry by working collaboratively with allied trade groups, policy groups, and other industry leaders.

Industry Information

Newsletters outlining industry news, policy issues and business activities of the energy efficiency industry.

Industry Best Practices

Recognized industry best practices for training, installation and business development.

Company Listing on the EEC Website

Your company is listed on the EEC website making it easier for customers to connect with you.

Post Industry Jobs on the EEC Website

Your company can post industry jobs on the EEC website to find the best candidates.

Full members have one vote in director elections

The ability to vote in the election of new directorships.

Membership Levels

Full Member

Full Members consist of individual companies, not subsidiaries or any other form of business governed by representatives of the same board, which provide energy service company (ESCO) type efficiency services, including consulting services, for low to moderate income utility customers in California. Full Members support the EEC’s mission statement and will comply with the EEC bylaws and anti-trust guidelines.


Sponsors are companies or organizations that have an interest in the energy efficiency industry but do not provide energy efficiency installation services and are not eligible for full membership. Sponsors can be utility companies, legal service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, financial institutions, and governments. Sponsors support the Energy Efficiency Council’s mission statement yet are not eligible to vote or to serve on the Board of Directors which votes on Energy Efficiency Council matters, including policy positions.


If there is any uncertainty as to whether a business would be classified as Full Member, Affiliate Member or Sponsor, the final determination would be made by the EEC’s Board of Directors or Membership Committee.

Membership is based on a calendar year (January – December). Membership will be prorated based on enrollment date and renew each January.

All applications must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors or Membership Committee.

If approved, EEC will send an invoice and membership will begin once the initial payment is received.

The designated representative listed on the membership application will be the primary contact for communication to and from the EEC.

Any questions regarding membership should be directed to EEC at

Below are links to download pdf copies of the membership applications and antitrust guidelines.

Apply online now, or download and complete the membership application.

Online Applications

Full Membership

Sponsor Membership


Download Offline Applications

Full Membership Application

Sponsor Membership Application

EEC Antitrust Guidelines

Mail completed application to:

Energy Efficiency Council

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