Welcome to The Energy Efficiency Council

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) trade organization comprised of Energy Efficiency Service Providers, consultants and specialty contractors throughout the State of California. Our membership includes a mix of Community Based Organizations (CBO’s), Woman and Minority Owned Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Private Contractors deeply-rooted in their communities who specialize in providing residential energy efficiency education and installation services statewide for low to moderate income ratepayers through the California Public Utility Commission’s Energy Savings Programs.


Our organization began in 2007 with the purpose of providing a voice for contractors and service providers in the Low-Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE) industry through meaningful dialog with utility representatives, Commissioners and other involved stakeholders. Back then our goal was simple; to provide decision makers with the understanding of the real world impacts of the decisions being made on the communities we serve and the individuals we employ. Since then, our involvement and active participation has led to many of the policies and work product we see in the industry today.

In 2013 we embarked on a mission to expand our focus and through a formal reorganization incorporating into what is now known in the industry as the EEC. While our organization may have grown since 2007, our mission has not changed and our focus has not wavered. We seek to support and advance energy efficiency programs and policies that affect utility customers. We are service providers who not only understand the hard to reach under-served communities we serve but we live and work in those communities and as locals, our reputations for quality and service are important to us and to the success of the work we provide. We seek to hire and train employees from the areas we serve because they understand their communities better than anyone. Below are our goals and objectives.


The goals of the Energy Efficiency Council are:

  • Effective, long-term and appropriate energy efficiency public policies that benefit from the experience and expertise of the organizations that provide energy efficiency products and services; and
  • More effective, successful and sustained energy efficiency applications, technologies and systems for the low to moderate income customers.


The objectives of the Energy Efficiency Council are to:

  • Have a strong fact-based and balanced efficiency industry voice before local, state and national policymakers and regulators;
  • Inform the membership of events, legislation, policies and regulation that affect their businesses and that of their customers;
  • Provide networking, outreach, training, and business and workforce development services for the energy efficiency industry;
  • Connect members to national and other state/regional and national energy efficiency business and outreach opportunities.